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Stayed home from work yesterday and telecommuted, at the demand of ladymace and shannonpagels. I was feeling like a piece of poop but my drive to go to work was trying to overcome that. In retrospect it would have done me more harm than good (thanks for the advice guys) and I am afraid Becky may have reported me as a drunk driver or something had I tried to leave (and I was very much not physically capable of passing a field sobriety test last night, despite my sobriety, so I would have been a danger to myself and others on the road..)
Anyway, today's a bit better. I am feeling somewhat better, although I'll probably stay tonight again just to fight this sickness off entirely (I'd probably fall asleep at the office if I went).
The highlight of my evening will be 2 things:
1) I am going to the annual general membership meeting of Oakland County Amateur Radio Public Service Corps tonight
2) I found that I incorrectly keyed a number while doing my bills in quicken. (I typed 183 instead of 133), so I found 50 dollars I didn't know I had. w00t!

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