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My Ethernet for my Dreamcast seems to be sitting in Hong Kong for the last few days. Maybe Jackie Chan is using it to kick someones ass, wouldn't that be cool? :-)
If he does, I better get an autograph. You hear me Jackie?

Anyway, as you can see in my previous post, work isn't all fun and games already this week. Did I mention I haven't even started my shift yet and I've been working for several hours already? Ever see the commercial where the executive dreams about being a bagboy? I think it was a levis commercial. That's me, except something more fun than bagboy. I'm qualified to drive a forklift, so I think I'll fantasize about how easy that job was, and how fun and stressless it was :-)

Anyway, I think my uncle is signing up for livejournal. Won't that be weird.
Update: My uncle is thombyxbe

Time for a shower, that will feel good.