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Yea, I pretty much feel that way about Cogent and Level 3 today. I think dogbert should write the FAQ on both of their sites.

I speak this as a victim* of both companies. The worst kind of victim - the kind that pays both of them monthly and still can't have them speak to each other.

* = Actually my employer, but I don't speak for them...

I actually like a lot of the people working for level 3 - a great deal of them are awesome. I like their colocation facility in Detroit, and I like their network. This sort of silly nonsense makes me think their upper management is, to put it nicely, retarded. I don't care what their reasons are, don't crucify your customers - the ones that pay you money. We're hanging on a cross today, and it's the fault of both carriers.

Please, kindly grow up, both of you. I'm more specifically looking at you level 3, since you fired the first shot. I don't care who's to blame. You disconnected us from a part of the internet. Plain and simple.
Tags: funny, hate, level 3, work

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