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What a day :-)

Today has had it's upsides and downsides so far.


  • Cisco arrived today
  • I managed to get it completely configured in several hours and working excellent
  • Every complaint I had about my ISDN service was fixed by this router - Caller ID delivery to handset, local dialtone generation, ability to disable call waiting (I don't like call waiting very much, but it's an integral part of ISDN- I don't pay extra for it), crosstalk with the BRI circuit on the POTS ports is gone, as is the issues I had with the second channel rebonding after the voice call is complete. YAY!
  • I may be getting access to IOS upgrades. IPSEC here we come :-)
  • Made it to the gas station before my tank ran out
  • Pretty relaxing day as of yet


  • Forgot my building access cards at home today. Had to fill out a visitors sheet at the security desk of the tower, then had to break into the office through a problem I was aware of with one of our doors. I'll probably have to pick the lock on the server room this evening.
  • Forgot my popcorn in my car, aint no way I am going to go down and get it
  • The UPS guy woke me up at 2:30 pm today to deliver my package. On the upside I heard him knocking on the door :-)
  • Have had problems trying to find the commands to do NAT port mapping for traffic from the bri interface to my internal hosts for things like my webserver, mail, ssh, vnc, etc. :-(
  • Woke up to find that a change I made to our maillist software on my main server was broke and bouncing mail to all our lists. Icky.
  • Only thing on TV this evening is CNN, covering the same things they have since the tragedy on the 11th.
  • Second day in a row I didn't sleep well

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