Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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Looking into frame relay to a friends house

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for providers to look into. This would be a private frame relay line from Fruitport, MI to Waterford, MI, both addresses are residential. I am looking for around a 128k/256k CIR with a burst rate of up to 512k. The primary purposes would be VoIP, failover internet access, and a way to swap files, as well as "something to do". I'm just casually looking into this at this time, but any suggestions as to alternative technlogies with similar bandwidth that function as a private line (No, I can't use IPSEC VPNs - it's not an option in this situation unfortunately) would be welcome as well.
For the non-techie people, I'm looking to get a private, dedicated data connection from my friends house to my own spanning across 3 area codes. :-)

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