Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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What a day

Got up an hour later than I wanted to for work, Fog made me late to leave work, semi-important but not critical shit was annoying me all fucking night at work, I come home to a kitchen full of water (I understand it was an accident, but it still bugs me), still no RACES card in the mail, I'm hungry as shit (that's being fixed, thanks ladymace :-)). The sky is shitty out, my desktop forgot most of the configuration for many of my programs, I need new brake pads in the front of my car badly, gas prices are suddenly higher than I remember paying last week, I could go on forever.
On the upside the pizza tastes good, my license plates are renewed 2 months in advance, and the highlight of the day is that squishy is back! (hi squishybear!)
I think I am going to just finish dinner and go to bed and hope things get better from there :-)

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