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  1. Did plenty of semi-legal things with telephones while on vacation - since I tend not to discuss stuff like this in my journal, I'll leave it at this... Ever prank called someone from over 30 phone lines in one night? ;-)
  2. Had plenty of fun with my family. Played golf with my dad, and brought my dreamcast to my parents' for the weekend and played dreamcast with my sisters. Somehow I fell asleep in the middle of a Quake III Arena deathmatch. Don't ask me how - I'll say that due to item #1 I got 2 hours of sleep the night before, in my defense. ;-]
  3. Defaced some "Work at home" and "30 people wanted to lose weight in 30 days" signs on power poles around the muskegon area with hot orange spray paint. Whee!
  4. Got all kinds of pictures of neat outdoors telco shit. I should really download them from my camera and post them
  5. My friend now has a neighborhood junction box in his bedroom. Don't ask... ;-)
  6. Apparently denisbaldwin gave ladymace a pep talk of sorts before I arrived to pick her up. Man, after driving 3 hours, nothing feels better than *cough* attention from your girlfriend. ;-)
  7. denisbaldwin is apparently a sex deprived pervert ;-) See above.
  8. Not being at work is funner than being at work, I've decided.
  9. Funner is not bad grammar, damnit.
  10. This list is now too long

Hope everyone had a great holiday :-)

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