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Copy and paste laziness. Sorry, I'm busy.


Iraq Troop Withdrawal Resolution

Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., Republican from North Carolina, has introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for President Bush to come up with a plan by the end of this year to withdraw the troops from Iraq, and for the withdrawal to start no later than October of 2006. Rep. Jones became famous for changing the name of the french fries in the congressional cafeteria to "Freedom Fries" when France came out against invading Iraq. He also represents Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, where many new recruits go for basic training, so it is significant that he is publicly breaking with Bush policy. This is how quagmires like this end. First the public support drops, and polls already show American' support for this war declining. Next, Congress begins to pressure the administration to come up with a way out. That is what this resolution does. Finally, if the administration continues to fight calls for withdrawal, Congress pulls the plug on the money. That is how the war in Vietnam eventually ended. To push this process along, we need members of Congress to join the two Republicans and two Democrats introducing this resolution. Please send a message to your congressperson asking him or her to sign on and vote for it.

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I'm all about forcing bush and friends to wrap things up over there and get our troops out of harm's way. Every day we're over there without a clear exit strategy, is another day we have good hardworking people killed with IEDs and RPGs with no end in sight. It was bad to go into the war without a clear plan on how to win, but to be 2 years into it with no idea is ludicrous. Our troops are doing their part, why isn't the commander in chief doing his?



Jun. 18th, 2005 06:28 pm (UTC)

And maybe I'm just a damned idealist, but I can't imagine that anyone charged with the safety and security of this nation would seek to line their pockets at the cost of the lives of hundreds (or thousands) of servicemen and women. I can't even think that of Wilson, FDR, or Clinton, even... ;)

These days, I'm not so sure. I've never seen a regime this much in bed with corporate america. I'm not so idealist to believe that it didn't happen before, even with presidents I actually liked, but I mean, some of this stuff is just creepy. When the vice president just "happens" used to be the former CEO of our now largest government contractor and when challenged has no better retort than "go fuck yourself". I don't think that the people in command are profiting directly, so much as trading their power and influence to enrich their friends in private industry, who in return will likely provide them powerful positions in corporate america where they can get lots and lots of money later, as well as provide monetary assistance to their political campaigns to help them stay in power. I don't think that our administration is necessarily corrupt, I think they are pawns of the corporations, and are that way by necessity of the political process. I don't think that a simple party change will solve much. I didn't much like Kerry either, honestly.

My ideal politician would be as follows:
1) Support freedom of speech

2) Support the right to bear arms. Honestly, I don't like restrictions on any weapon. I understand that letting people buy grenades isn't a great idea, but man, would it make neighborhood disputes amusing. :-)

3) Support the idea that the citizens are more important than the companies that they work for, and that the American is more than just a worker bee.

4) I want government run healthcare. I don't care what the administration tries to tell me about how it's not great, bla bla bla. Anything's better than the fucked situation we have right now. Okay, so if it sucks a bit, let me buy supplimental insurance, but I shouldn't have to worry that if ladymace breaks a bone or something, that she would have to be chased by bill collectors until the end of time over the bill for fixing it. Make this problem go away and you've got my vote. I don't care what party you're from.

5) Legalize marijuana and regulate it like cigarettes and alcohol. Release anyone who is currently in prison or jail for its use. I don't smoke it. I've tried it, and frankly, I don't like it. But we're spending a whole lot of time and money prosecuting people for using drugs that don't hurt anyone. As the popular line goes: "When's the last time you heard of someone getting stoned out of their mind, and going home and beating their wife?" Now replace that with being drunk..... so yea. Doing this would remove a great amount of income for organized crime, provide a new income stream for the US government, and lower the amount of citizens we have in jail not doing anything productive for our economy. I can't think of a downside here.

6) Stop trying to fuck with social security. Let it work like it's supposed to, quit robbing its trust fund, and raise the cutoff for people who make more than 90k/year. I intend to make more than that before I reach age 40, and I still am in favor of this. It may only by itself pay enough to live in a crappy ghetto apartment and eat cat food, but it beats living on the street eating nothing. I should hope that I don't have to care about social security, due to my 401k, but who knows. It's good knowing that there's something there if everything goes tits up, and if it prevents homelessness or poverty from families having to support their parents entirely off their own income, I'm all for it.

7) Stop it right now with the conservative christian agenda in the government. Provide birth control funding, and stop pretending you can just tell everyone to not have sex and that's going to stop overpopulation.(!).
We have a seperation of church and state for a damn reason. Enough said here.