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The wonders of the +G flag in Unreal IRCd

[pjustice] Grr! Coprophiliac helix server mangles ithyphallic quicktime files as it delivers them. Phallus at 11.
[myself] Is this likely the result of spongiform encephelopathy on the part of the designers, or some perniciously evil interaction with other software?
[pjustice] As it seems not to matter which promiscuous programmatics are used, I suspect the former osteocephalics of copulating it all up.
* myself falls over
[pjustice] In case anyone's G-flag mind is apogenous today, my thersitical language indicates that I'm brassed off.
[myself] revenge of thesaurus rex!
[pjustice] YES!
[pjustice] Oddly, I'm finding that coming up with all this prolix scatology is good (as in reduces the inflammation of) the desire to impel perfectly functional hardware into a defenestratory predicament.
[AmishOne-work] Stop now. We must encourge the desire to propel copper coated lead into hardware at supersonic velocities thus resulting in stress relief.

Oh man, this is precisely why I set the +G flag. It was totally worth it. I absolutely love this excrement.
(The +G flag on an IRC channel on a server running Unreal IRCd censors most common swear words - I set it with the intent of people coming up with more creative outlets for anger than lame ass swear words. Totally awesome.)
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