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Based on the ruling in the Second Ruling and Order, issued September 10, 2003, I made a call monday to schedule an appointment for Wide Open West to supply me a Firewire capable cablebox "by any means necessary". So today, I get a call at 8:30, telling me that my appointment was canceled because my current cablebox's firewire ports cannot be activated. The tech on the phone makes up some BS about WoW not having any 1394 capable boxes. I pointed out the FCC ruling, and he didn't appear to care. So I called back immediately, and scheduled an install for an HDTV cablebox. I made sure the lady understood that the only connector to my "TV" (really a P3 700 with 128MB RAM) only supports IEEE1394 firewire. She promised me this is supported on the box I am being supplied.
But since my appointment was cancelled, they couldn't reschedule the install for today. Friday, between noon and 4pm, I'll be getting it. (along with, apparently, HDTV goodness over the firewire port, since that's a basic feature of the box I ordered. Yummy.)

Here's to hoping they don't do something silly again, lest I find my way over to my favorite bookmark.

PS: Yesterday rocked. Those involved know why.

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