Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

17 March, 2004 and 23 April, 2004

At this point, the case gets all futzed up and activity dwindles with no actual court case or anything pending for almost 6 months, so posts are sporadic at best for this period.

Yes, the damn case stalled for almost 6 freaking months. yay.

(PS: That part about the accidental warrant? It's in here)

Wednesday, 17 March, 2004.

Went to my bond visitation.
I thought I was going to have a drug test, which I openly invite, but found out that my bond papers don't allow it, so they can't ask. Neato. Adam's aren't that way.
Told my bond guy I had computers at home. He looked weird at me for a second, like he was expecting me to lie. heh. Not me!
I told him also that the US attorney said I could, and he smiled and nodded, saying "okay".
My bond status is simply to call once a month, as I have been doing on his voicemail, that's good enough for me. Rock on.

Friday, 23 April, 2004.
(Special suppliment here and here)

As I sit here rubbing my wrists, I recount what just happened.
I was apparently 'following too closely'. The cop ran my plates and decided to pull me over.
"You're driving kinda erratically... talking on your cell phone?"
"Nope, I'm out on bond and cops make me nervous when they follow me"
"On bond for what?"
"Computer intrusion"
"Do you have any proof you're out?"
"Not on me"
"Okay, well. You got any weapons on you? Drugs?"
"No sir, but I've got a pair of electricians scissors in my pocket"
"Okay, well, just sit tight here a moment"
The cop sits for a bit, and another officer pulls up. The other guy gets out and approaches my car on the passenger side as the original officer gets out on the driver side, and approaches likewise...
"Sir, I ran your name, and there's apparently an outstanding warrant for your arrest in North Carolina. Do you have proof you're out on bond?"
"Not on me"
"Do you still live at village green?"
"Well, can you put your keys on the roof of your vehicle, and carefully step out of the car, and come around to the back?"
I get out, walk to the back of the car, and assume the position. They pat me down, removing my digital camera and my scissors from my pockets.
"Please place your hands behind your back, we gotta cuff ya and put you in the car until we find out what is going on"
I remember the same scene. The handcuffs give me wonderful flashbacks to a day with similar temperatures, where I was once again being brought into the back of a car.
More amusingly, the cop shows me the computer, where it says "WANTED INDIVIDUAL", listing "Aliases: noweb4u", "Wanted by: FBI, Western District of NC"

We chat a bit about computers, and he shows me a few more neat things on the MDT, and the radio chirps up with the words I'll remember 10 years from now:
"We just spoke with Special Agent Senatore at the FBI, Mr. Timmins is already out on bond, and has already been arrested on these charges. He asked us to please release him."
"Okay, dispatch, I'll send him on his way"
30 minutes later, as I rub out the cuff marks and start to be able to think rationally again, it seems almost amusing in a way. I leave an angry voicemail for my attorney asking him to make sure it's cleared up. It's not his fault, the FBI and US Marshalls kinda screwed up here. But this screwup almost really ruined my weekend.
I just don't know what to think about all this. It's probably one of the most interesting things I've ever experienced.

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