Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

Monday, 26 Jan, 2004

Monday, 26 Jan, 2004.
We decide to de-ghettofy ourselves. We reschedule our flight plans until Tuesday, get a new hotel (Sheraton, w00t), and my attorney and I decide to hunt down a phone charger for him, and some socks, underwear, and mountain dew for me.
We find ourselves terrifically lost, neither of us possessing a map, nor a particular desire to ask directions. Eventually I get out and ask where I can buy socks. 'Oh, socks? We don't sell them here'. 'Yes, I know that. I want to know where you go to buy socks. You wear them, right?' 'yes' 'okay, so where do people who live in Charlotte go when they want to buy them?' 'I don't know.' 'Do you have wal-marts around here?' 'Oh, yea, there's one down the road that way'.
So after a 10 minute drive, we get to this empty as hell store, eventually finding what we need and getting outta there.
Another 20 minutes of driving, then getting badly lost, and eventually we find our hotel and go to sleep.
We determined today that Charlotte is the "Mart" capital of the world. Every store in the entire state seemed to use that english word to describe their business.

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