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Sunday, 25 Jan, 2004

Sunday, 25 Jan, 2004.
I get on the plane. Well, sorta. My attorney and I run late to the airport, and catch the next flight out. We eliminate a 3 hour layover at our connection in Tennessee. Then we find out that there is a huge ice storm in Charlotte, NC. Our plane is delayed.
We eventually make it, and my phone's voicemail goes off at the gate. It's adam. Court's closed tomorrow. Yes, federal court was actually closed. Amazing. Then we get into the airport to find out that our rental car was exorbantly priced, and the hotel we booked was in the middle of the ghetto.
I thought it was of note that that highway connecting the airport to civilization was called the "Billy Graham Parkway". I don't know if this is good or not. It's probably bad.

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