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Don't buy from eBay user nkans

The user nkans on eBay is selling knockoff digium cards. That I'm cool with, since digium discontinued sales of this model anyway, which is, literally, a glorified winmodem.

But this "nkans" fellow has a catch. The cards are cheap, and he charges:
US $9.49 + $3.50 for each additional item shipped.

I wouldn't complain about that either. I could see that price if it were packed nicely in a box or other crushproof container.

But it wasn't. It came in a damned padded envelope with $1.84 postage. What the hell is that about?
I posted neutral feedback.

Then the buttwipe gave me negative feedback.
I left:

Neutral feedback - works beautifully - but $12 is robbery for $1.84 postage on a bubble envelope. Buyer paul.timmins ( 29) Jan-01-05 21:37 5736954152

Reply by nkans: My grandfather will not pay me for packing charges. You accepted & bid contract.

So this guy, who has recieved tons of negative and neutral feedback about his terrible shipping methods. And he blames his grandfather. I don't know what the hell that has to do with anything.

And then he destroys my perfect feedback with:

Negative feedback - Not a recommended buyer. Bids what mentioned in the description and complains. Seller nkans ( 670) Jan-02-05 03:41 5736954152

Reply by paul.timmins: Seller never mentions $12.99 shipping = a padded envelope + $1.80 postage. Jan-08-05 00:31

Again, what a buttwipe.

I'm just warning people because I want them to know that while the cards are a good deal, you're gonna get ripped off on shipping, and they might not arrive in working condition. And if you complain, he'll post an incoherent comment about his grandfather and screw up your feedback rating.

Just looking out for my peoples :-)
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