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Sorry about your eyes...
What that said was:

Hey everyone I wrote a bit of obsfucated perl that translates even the best written prose into something that blends in more with the average livejournal post
Remember, if you need any custom perl programming, my contact information is in my userinfo


while($_=uc <STDIN>){$_=~s/S /Z /g;$_=~s/\s*([A-Z,0-9]+)\s*/~x$1x~/g;$_=~s/E/3/g;$_s=~s/I/1/g;$_=~s/$/!!!!!!!!!!!1111oneoneone/;print $_; };

(The next program reverses the effect)
while($_=<STDIN>){$_=~s/!+1+oneoneone//g;$_=~s/~x([A-Z,0-9]+)x~/ $1 /g;$_=~s/Z /S /g;$_=~s/3/E/g;$_s=~s/1/I/g;print lc $_; };

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