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Telcodata gets a writeup in the press

I forgot to mention, one of Timmins Technologies, LLC's projects, Telcodata.US, recieved a writeup in ISP-Planet last month.

Telco Data Goes Open Source

It's not a movement; it's an individual. One person is building a website containing the basic information ISPs need in day-to-day operations that the Bells make tough to find.
by Alex Goldman
ISP-Planet Managing Editor
[April 29, 2004]

By day, Paul Timmins is a networking a security engineer for a small- to mid-sized software company (150 employees). But when he goes home, he enters the mysterious universe of telco language. Isn't that like work too?

No. Not for someone whose hobbies include Ham radio and open source software.

Thought that was pretty cool.
Tags: technology, telcodata

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