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HAM stuff....

Oh, a good quote from tonight. I'm sitting here on the W8OAK 440 repeater, and you can hear WFM audio blaring in over top of it. Becky's like
"What the hell, you can't play music over ham radio..."
"Erm, that's cable leakage. Comcast has a bad amp somewhere nearby. *"
*she listens intently to the sound, then looks at the clock* "That's gotta be Law and Order, SVU"
"That's sick. You know that, right?"
"Yea, now I'm torn, I hate cable TV, but I like the content!"
"You should be like me and hate both.."

* Yes, I know cable leakage is something the cableco is responsible for taking care of, but I didn't have the time or equipment to track it down at the time. I've taken mental note of the Freq and location though, so if someone wants to go fox hunting.....

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