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I'm still alive

Didn't get much sleep today. Helped my doctor with his computer until 1-2pm (for a quick perspective on my schedule, just swap AM and PM and I go to work at 3am (it's like 3pm to me), so 1-2PM for me is like 1-2am for most people.

Anyway, then when I finally got to sleep, I got a call from K8WH telling me he's gonna be in my neighborhood and asks me if he should bring the radio I was going to buy from him. So I get up at 4pm (4am) to get it from him. It's a kit (which is what I was looking for) for 40 meter ham. Sweet.

Won a Cisco 804 ISDN router on eBay to replace my aging Ascend/Lucent Pipeline 75 UBRI. I can't wait. Finally my caller ID will work, among other things. Woo hoo!

I have been hitting reload on UPS's site every few minutes - Here's the tracking info... Click here

Now I'm freaking out becky by talking about "my friends that are always emailing me and ICQing me about neat stuff like .biz and .info domains, free porn (I tell them I'm flattered but I already have a girlfriend, nothing personal), and neato business opportunities that aren't MLM." and carrying on about how they are always sending me messages every day rain or shine, trying to help me find good deals, etc. Damn I am bored. At least I got a few laughs out of it. Keeps me from hopping in my car and driving 1/2 hour away to livonia to steal my UPS package right off the conveyor belt ;-)

Peace everybody.

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