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Several items of note for the day:

  • I got a really kickass window fan my mom was gonna sell at a yard sale. I got first pickings at $0 cost, and this thing just rocks me, pushes far more air than the little wimpy fan we have in the window currently.
  • Anna rocks hardcore. I was afraid she was going all defiant and shit, naw, she's just really a bit confused and really misunderstood. I really enjoyed hanging out with her quite a bit, I'll have to do that more often. (and gabe, you know I wanna take her to the vous party, but you know I can't. :-P )
  • All my sisters are looking so grown up now. I'm really kinda disturbed. It was weird to see Amanda in a McDonalds uniform, because she looked so much older all a sudden. (But you gotta know I ordered the extra large fries, which I'd have to say they pulled the basket a bit early on, because they were kinda sorta soggy. Everyone here knows I had to take her to task about that. :-) )
  • I gotta pay attention to my cooling fan. It didn't kick on when I was in the parking lot of the Mobil rigging up my power inverter to make the last few posts, and the car was venting antifreeze. Not a problem at all when I'm moving, I just gotta watch the thing when I'm stationary.
  • Meijer has a really good deal on 6 packs of Hanes breifs, 3 packs for $15. Now I've got a whole collection of undies that all fit like God intended.
  • I got my Dad a kick ass vise for fathers day, I hope he likes it, because if he doesn't like it I'm keeping it! :-)
  • I'm testing out my packetstream service (I think it's limited to 2 meg transfer or something like that, and it's far and beyond better than circuit switched. I'm trying now to figure out a way to upgrade my plan to a higher transfer limit and potentially ditch circuit switched entirely.)
  • I'm really happy right now, can't noone take that away from me.
  • Oh, and ladymace made her first contact via a repeater that wasn't me on Friday, and she hit a band opening and talked to a gentleman in Wisconsin on 2 meters. What a great intro to the hobby!

    This post is far too long, but it's been a really cool weekend so far. w00t!

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