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It's funny, two months ago, I was bitching about the idea of satellite radio being laughable, and how it's easier to use an mp3 player. Then today I was in Best Buy (not even the one locally that I was kicked out of! 8-) ) and fell in love with the Kenwood Sirius radio system (It's incredibly sexy looking, by the way). Then I thought about it. I drive every freakin day, more or less, at weird hours of the day. I often avoid the ride because it's so damn boring, and my car radio hasn't really ever worked right since i broke the antenna, and the aftermarket one I purchased doesn't wanna work right either.
And my mp3 collection gets old when I drive more than an hour every day, and maintaining it is a pain (not to mention waiting half a minute for it to boot is incredibly annoying)
i was set back by the up front cost of the unit, then I found this unit for $100 bucks out the door on eBay. It's not the kenwood unit, but it also has a 4 line display, and I don't have to look down in order to operate it. So now I own one, waiting for it to ship. $12.95/mo for commercial free radio isn't half bad, and it's not the regular crap that clear channel puts out, with tons of commercials and songs that are sped up by clear channel so they can have more space for commericals.
Also through more research, I found that XM radio is actually partly owned by Clear Channel, so I'm glad I didn't go that route.

Anyway, also enjoyed a good dinner at Mongolian Barbeque this weekend, as well as a delicious Mexican dinner prepared by Becky. w00t!

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