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Moved back into my Boss' office earlier today (Yesterday for me..) and it's just like old times before Steve and Mike came, and Steve left... I really miss the space I had at my old desk and how I can dim the lights in my old office (it's nice so my eyes don't have to adjust to walk through dark hallways, etc) - anyway that's my one beef about it - the lights are too damn bright. Oh well :-)
On the upside I get to fuck with a PRI for my first time later today. A PRI is a T1 that is 23 ISDN DS0's with 1 ISDN D line, instead of the 24 channels of voice with a channelized T1, for those who are curious.
I think this weekend I am going to build a lineman's handset (this is basically a telephone that has alligator clips rather than a phone jack) this weekend for the hell of it - maybe some other cool telco stuff since I am really getting into it lately... :-)

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