Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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---- New Conversation @ Sun Mar 9 02:51:11 2003 ----
(02:51:10) x: wondering, in a 24 hour period, how much do you sleep?
(02:51:20) noweb4u2: sleep?
(02:51:20) x: 15? maybe 20 min tops? :>
(02:51:34) noweb4u2: tell me more about this sleep thing..
(02:52:04) x: well... you start by killing your logic processes
(02:52:31) x: sometime before or after, you turn your frame intake buffer off
(02:53:38) x: then you run a sleep script which halts all your daytime jobs, and sets you to "hybernate" mode
(02:53:44) x: *cough*
(02:53:48) x: thats the best I can do right now


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