August 31st, 2007

Me driving when I was a baby

Damn, another busy week...

Yea, it's mostly work. That's my life guys. :P

+ Second DS3 card on switch at work. Yay for extra redundancy, extra capacity, and card diversity for critical circuits.
+ DS3 mux in a colo. Yay for super cheap transport and facilities.
+ Major moving operations are complete. This weekend I will take a shovel to the remaining trash, vacuum and steam clean.
+ Cerent! This weekend we'll also be hacking the password on one so I can make with the vt 1.5/DS1 cross connecty goodness.
+ 2007 Express Work Van. That's not a picture of ours, but ours does look just like that sans ladder rack. We're getting ladder racks, blinky lights, road cones, all that shit.
+ Hung out with niteshad this week, and ran into ninadiel and hung out a bit too. Yay for almost having a social life!

-Locked out of cerent because the previous owner sold us the TCC+ cards without resetting the passwords. Grr. Password procedure involves plugging a cable made of unobtanium and level shifters onto the system board while it's booting and interrupting the vxworks bootloader. Good times.
- Need badly to get alignment fixed on our van.
- Fixed someone's laptop for them (swap failing hard disk with brand new model). Gave it to them. Drive crashed HARD 6 hours after they picked it up. God Damnit.

Overall mood: happy
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