June 16th, 2005

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Iraq Troop Withdrawal Resolution

Rep. Walter B. Jones Jr., Republican from North Carolina, has introduced a bipartisan resolution calling for President Bush to come up with a plan by the end of this year to withdraw the troops from Iraq, and for the withdrawal to start no later than October of 2006. Rep. Jones became famous for changing the name of the french fries in the congressional cafeteria to "Freedom Fries" when France came out against invading Iraq. He also represents Marine Corps base Camp Lejeune, where many new recruits go for basic training, so it is significant that he is publicly breaking with Bush policy. This is how quagmires like this end. First the public support drops, and polls already show American' support for this war declining. Next, Congress begins to pressure the administration to come up with a way out. That is what this resolution does. Finally, if the administration continues to fight calls for withdrawal, Congress pulls the plug on the money. That is how the war in Vietnam eventually ended. To push this process along, we need members of Congress to join the two Republicans and two Democrats introducing this resolution. Please send a message to your congressperson asking him or her to sign on and vote for it.

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I'm all about forcing bush and friends to wrap things up over there and get our troops out of harm's way. Every day we're over there without a clear exit strategy, is another day we have good hardworking people killed with IEDs and RPGs with no end in sight. It was bad to go into the war without a clear plan on how to win, but to be 2 years into it with no idea is ludicrous. Our troops are doing their part, why isn't the commander in chief doing his?