April 5th, 2005

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Okay, okay. I suck. I was waiting to give Kevin Poulsen a chance to break the story of my sentencing, but he just called me back, and he's no longer with SecurityFocus, so here goes.

Misdemeanor computer intrusion, 18 USC 1030 (a)(5)(A)(iii)
2 years probation.
$100 fine.
$25 special assessment.

$100? What? Yes, $100. I've gotten a larger traffic fine. Nothing wrong with that, because I am in tons of debt, and the judge took that into account.

Here's the fun part:
For the time being, no firearms, no felons. If you have firearms, I'm not supposed to be around you. If you carry, and forget, I'd be happy to hold your firing pin or something like that, just so that I can prove that there's no way I could have had access to it. No idea why they're concerned about that, it's boilerplate stuff, maybe it can change, maybe it can't, but until then, please if you can don't have guns "accessible" to me.
Yes, this curtails my participation in some of the events that generally transpire on 4 July. Yes, this is more restrictive than my bond conditions, which simply restricted my purchase of firearms. Yes, it doesn't make sense. At this point, I don't want to rock the boat with my PO, so as much as it simply bugs me, I'll have to deal. I'm not a gun nut, but I hate having my freedoms restricted :-)

If you are a felon and would like to talk to me:
Please, please email me. I need to work out either permission from my PO, or we have to go our separate ways for the next 2 years. Sorry. I'm a misdemeanor case, but again, boilerplate stuff, and I can't violate it. So email me details of what your charges are - what you're comfortable with. I doubt this will be a problem, but I've been surprised before. Please don't let my probation officer be the person who delivers the surprise, tell me first.

I've got a lot to say in the next few days. Stay tuned.
I've got about 1.5 years of journal entries that need to be transcribed into livejournal.

Wait, does this mean Paul has no computer restrictions?

Yes, that's what it means. It's good to be back.

Look out world.
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