July 25th, 2003

Pikachu at work

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Poll #160606 plane

Should I bring (on the plane)

1 laptop, and my perl book
2 laptops, and my perl book
just my perl book (This sucked last time)
2 laptops, a GPS, full 802.11 b setup, and a ricochet E-Radio

Also, GPS sounds fun. Do they allow you to bring a GPS on the plane and use it? (Please note if you've done this in your reply)
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CheckFree is gonna fucking die.
Double billed $373.90 for my Detroit Edison bill.

Current balance: -($150.29)

I'm gonna fucking kill.
It'll be just like this:

Yea, I know there's a finger in the lens and a smudge, but it's still a great photo.
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