October 15th, 2002


Job Interview

I interviewed for a job today that interests me alot. In fact, it interests me a hell of alot. Everything I could want in a job and more. The people there seem cool, and they're a very small company, and seem quite flexible. That's awesome. I love that. Some people dig the 9 to 5, here's your corner office, "I aspire to be the CEO" kind of jobs. I don't. I don't want to be a CEO. I want to keep my hands dirty in the tech. It's where I belong, it's where I like it.
They seem to make an offer that will leverage my ability and desire to learn new things, and seems like a place where I could fit in quite well.

If they make a decent offer, I'd take it in a heartbeat. I hope they offer Medical benefits, I forgot to ask about that. :-)

The coolest part is they not only allow you to work from home, they do it most of the time. I hate commuting, so that's awesome.

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