July 14th, 2002

hax0r pika

Livejournal Birthday Alerter!

This is a perl script. It's portable, as far as I know, it should even work under activeperl as long as you have lynx and mail on your system.
Requires: lynx, perl, mail
Preferrably requires: cron, or some kind of scheduler
You need to change the following lines in the file before scheduling it to run daily:
$username needs to be set to your username
$password needs to be set to your password
$site needs to be set to a site running the livejournal code (by default, it's www.livejournal.com, should work with deadjournal, etc. Untested.)
$email needs to be set to an email address to mail the alerts to. Don't forget to put a backslash before an at sign.


I run this out of cron with the following cron entry:
0 1 * * * $HOME/alertbday.pl

Tested under Debian Linux, should run on all linux variants, and FreeBSD and other BSD variants, Tru64, whatever, as long as it has a working mail command, and lynx installed, and perl, of course.
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hax0r pika

w00t! Second leet perl program in under 24 hours!

This one is not ready for public release yet, but it recovers deleted pictures off of smartmedia, compact flash, microdrive, etc. Basically anything that is a filesystem full of JPEGs.
./recover.pl < /dev/hdc1
Creating recover1.jpg
Creating recover2.jpg
Creating recover3.jpg
Creating recover4.jpg
..... etc ....


Eat your heart out, OnTrack.
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