July 1st, 2002

Me driving when I was a baby

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sleep? who needs sleep? Someone tell me that 10am yesterday until about 3-4 pm tomorrow (maybe later) is going to be okay.

no good.

anyway, I'm gonna have assloads of email soon. hopefully in a few hours.

good luck workbench, you're gonna need it.
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I am currently in the lookout for a lawyer who has knowledge of landlord-tenant law in the state of michigan. I need one to write a scary letter threatening to sue to break the lease with no penalties because I have plumbing that has been in a horriffic state of repair for quite a while, and despite being notified a million times, has done nothing.

The cheaper the better. I have a feeling they will cave, since this is the second time I've been in a state of disrepair with a major problem where they didn't fix it for almost a month. They have no legal standing in this case. They're been in the wrong far too many times.

I just want out of my lease. Getting my security deposit back would be a bonus.
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