April 26th, 2002


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On shift so far this morning: 3 hours 41 minutes
Number of times pager has sounded: 53

All 53 were in the last hour.
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Mobile Phreak? I could shriek!

Send an email to phone@timmins.net in plain text format, no signature, preferrably from a mobile device like a pager or cellphone.
In that email, put at minimum the area code and prefix, such as "248-683" or put in the whole number, it doesn't matter, as long as the area code and prefix are dash seperated.

Then see what happens. Note that its formatted to fit on the screens of most cellphones. Use in combination with ANI for loads of fun.


(And no, dankaye, I haven't gotten a chance to import that info into my database yet :-> )
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I now have a real 800 number. Not like one of those rinky dink ones you get when you sign up for mci long distance or whatever, but a real, honest to god 800 number, that I myself own.

It costs like a buck a month, plus usage fees. Not bad at all, esepecially since I can do custom call routing and blocking. w00t!

Anyone claiming to have a number that you can block my ability to see your phone number on (barring the obvious things like ANI spoofing, etc) step up. I challenge you.
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