March 10th, 2002


"yea, ill have some cheese sticks and a sack of chicken rings"

So today I got an APC BackUPS office pro 500 to replace my shitty ass AT&T UPS. I forgot how much APC kicked ass. I'll be promptly replacing all my current UPS hardware with APC as soon as feasable.

I got a sack of 20 chicken rings at white castle. I forgot they served good food there too, not just cheap burgers that taste funny. I'm going to hit them up again soon.

Me and itszer0 picked up an assload of cat 5 while dumpster diving. his trunk is literally full of cat 5 now. anyone who wants some pretty cheap should get ahold of him or me. :->

I'm gonna make an lj client for my pcs phone. I'm never at home when I want to post to my journal.

me tired now. sleepy. when I wake, there's gonna be some friggin awesome mexican breakfast waiting for me... night!
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YAY, I'm on a cluster now. I was on the old db on LJ, now I'm on the new one. :->
Apparently I'm on santa, which may be read only. :->
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