February 4th, 2002


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Had a pretty cool weekend. 2600 was fun as always. Ended up leaving my magical bag of power at work friday (doh!) but my laptop was at home, so it wasn't all bad... Can't remember what I did saturday, I think I got an oil change, w00t!
Went in and slaughtered a bit on irc.2600.net/#brewery 's trivia room. :-)
Ended up helping a friend leech some mad bandwidth from somewhere that had just WAY too much bandwidth to be practical.
Went to nate's and tried to watch the superbowl commercials, and we gave up and tinkered with our laptops. Nate's can take more ram, mine can actually somewhat function without any (It has 8mb onboard) :->

Anyway, here I am at work, I'm crazy for driving through snow and traffic (I waited until 7 to shove off because the roads were slippery as shit at 1-3am or so) to get here, perhaps, but at least I made it :-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend.
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What a strange day..

Track my Orinoco Gold 802.11b card (This card is for wireless networking, for my less technically inclined friends - envision me walking about the apartment with my laptop and no wires, on IRC or livejournal - This is my second card, I'm letting ladymace borrow my current one when I recieve this)

Anyway, ladymace found her purse, I'm sure she'll post on that later.

2 people I know were laid off today, one in California, and one back home in Grand Haven, MI. *pout*
On another note, has anyone else seen a machine with 16GB of RAM running Tru64 on 4 processors (I think) run at a load average of 80.00 and still function? I can safely say I have today. (My more astute friends will realize this is a comment about my day at work)

Anyway, ladymace and tommydiablo collaborated on the recipe for the enchilada casserole I am going to have for dinner tonight. w00t!
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