January 22nd, 2002


Another package

This tracking was screwed up by UPS (or the people who sold it to me) and the package shows as delivered (on November 22,2000, in fact, about a year and a quarter ago) but if you ignore that part, you can still track the package.
Track it here

The weirdest UPS package tracking screwup I ever seen was when I ordered from Thinkgeek and mine and a person in florida's package had the same tracking number, so you'd see one minute it'd be in Toledo, Ohio, Then 2 minutes later it was in Talahassee Florida, then it was in Livonia, MI, then it was delivered in florida, then it was enroute to Pontiac, MI, etc etc.
Anyway, it's a USB Logitech quickcam, selected because it's compatible with linux.
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You know what I found at Meijer today that shocked me? Category 5 and 5e Ethernet patch cables. What's pissed me off is that I needed some ethernet once on a sunday night at like 2am and went to one and couldn't find any, today I was looking for a replacement razor head and stumbled on the CAT 5 by accident.
Arrgh. Well, at least I know where I can get some now. (They're in the aisle with the telephone, speaker, and cable wire, if you're curious)
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