January 19th, 2002

Me driving when I was a baby

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Update: Happy Birthday to jayj79. :-)

Went to NAIAS with ladymace, seen denisbaldwin and samprasgirl00. It was pretty cool. I was very interested in the concept cars. I don't know that much about engines so all the neat engine things failed to impress me much (I wish I knew a little more about all the numbers - I mean I could explain how a combustion engine works inside and out, but I don't understand what all the numbers mean). The raceecars also looked cool. I didn't get a picture of the jeep falling water display, I'm sure the free press has a picture of it, or denis might (if you do denis, you got to send me a copy, that thing was cool as shit) but that thing kicked ass.

Anyway, jeep released a "rubicon" model of their jeep wrangler (?), it has nothing to do with rubi-con, but I scored a photo of becky with the rubicon sign.

My photos are here: http://www.timmins.net/~pault/naias/
I'm sure that you'll get an explaination of "rubicar" when denis wakes up, until then I'll just say, yes, he does drive that around every day, and yes, people do stop and just look at it and try to read the stickers :-)

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Me driving when I was a baby

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I think I may take becky to see the ice tonight. I dunno. Depends on whether I feel like driving to friggin Plymouth today :-)
Anyone have anything convincing to say about it? :-)
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