January 11th, 2002



[01:38] noweb4u: UNLIMITED 56k DIALUP! $5/mo*
[01:38] xxxxxx: ;]
[01:38] noweb4u: *the upstream is a single aol dialup
[01:38] xxxxxx: that wouldent even make profit
[01:38] noweb4u: yea it would
[01:39] xxxxxx: wouldent pay for aol nor phone lines
[01:39] noweb4u: it would since you have a modem to user ratio of 1:10
[01:39] noweb4u: which is pretty standard
[01:40] noweb4u: so say you have 5 lines, that's 50 users at $5/mo, which just pays for the phone lines
[01:40] noweb4u: say you have a modem to user ratio of 1:20
[01:40] xxxxxx: lol
[01:41] noweb4u: -19
[01:41] noweb4u: err
[01:41] noweb4u: after paying $25/mo for 5 lines, and the aol dialup, that's $250 a month profit
[01:46] xxxxxx: besides getting suid
[01:46] noweb4u: why would you be sued?
[01:46] xxxxxx: you doint have enough to invest in it, do you?
[01:46] xxxxxx: you would
[01:46] xxxxxx: i know
[01:46] xxxxxx: :]
[01:46] noweb4u: for what?
[01:46] xxxxxx: living
[01:46] noweb4u: haha
[01:47] xxxxxx: "im suing you for your life"
[01:47] noweb4u: I've already got 2 phone lines plus a third that can dial aol
[01:47] noweb4u: hehe
[01:47] noweb4u: I can do this
[01:47] noweb4u: nat everyone behind an AOL dialup
[01:48] noweb4u: the way to get tech support would be to holler over the modem until someone picks up the fone
[01:57] noweb4u: hehe if you got a PRI line (23 lines) and resold AOL, at a 1:20 user to modem ratio you'd make $1,481 per month
[01:57] noweb4u: profit
[01:57] xxxxxx: lol
[01:57] xxxxxx: just completely screw people
[01:58] noweb4u: yea
[01:58] noweb4u: resold 56k to everyone over a WAY oversold 56k dialup to AOL
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