December 12th, 2001



Man, this fog looks kinda crappy. If it gets any worse I may just work from home until daylight - fog on dark roads sucks major ass.
Finally brought my car computer indoors to do some maintainance... Need to swap out the bad ethernet controller and swap the good video card in it with a shitty one in my linux desktop machine so I can run X on my linux desktop machine.
That pudding kicked ass hardcore. I need to get more of it. I think I'm addicted.
I've got 61% of "The Box" by orbital. Wow, this full length version kicks ass hardcore.
Now, I gotta put some new music on my car computer. I'm going nuts hearing the same 750 songs over and over :-) I may modify the code to reseed the random number generator every 5 songs - I don't think I'm reseeding it often enough.
Plus, I need to get all these keys that I have been cracking while driving flushed out to the keyserver.
Not to mention, I gotta pee.
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Pikachu at work

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Well, I made it into work safely. Glad I waited for other vehicles to be on the road :-) Made it a helluva lot safer.
Managed to fix some stuff on my car mp3 player, put 20 more songs on it as well :-)
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I've decided that this summer, as a way to waste time and money, I'm going to be doing laser tag this summer. I don't know where yet, but having some kind of organized group to do it would be enormous fun. Who's with me?
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