December 3rd, 2001

Pikachu at work

I can tell this is going to be a fun week

My Ethernet for my Dreamcast seems to be sitting in Hong Kong for the last few days. Maybe Jackie Chan is using it to kick someones ass, wouldn't that be cool? :-)
If he does, I better get an autograph. You hear me Jackie?

Anyway, as you can see in my previous post, work isn't all fun and games already this week. Did I mention I haven't even started my shift yet and I've been working for several hours already? Ever see the commercial where the executive dreams about being a bagboy? I think it was a levis commercial. That's me, except something more fun than bagboy. I'm qualified to drive a forklift, so I think I'll fantasize about how easy that job was, and how fun and stressless it was :-)

Anyway, I think my uncle is signing up for livejournal. Won't that be weird.
Update: My uncle is thombyxbe

Time for a shower, that will feel good.
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Pikachu at work

Interesting thought

I wonder...
Is the amount of weight lost, as a whole, across the US from people having sexual intercourse (from all the exercise and physical exertion) offset by the weight gained as a whole across the US by women who became pregnant as a result of said intercourse..?
Does the weight loss equal the weight gain? Is it more or less? These are apparently the questions that go through my mind when I am sitting here at work taking a break.
What the hell is wrong with me? ;-)
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Time to sleep. Sleep Sleep Sleep. This weekend was cool. I've never seen that much alcohol being consumed in a several hour span without someone passing out. denisbaldwin can drink pretty well.. :-)
Once I get my new rotor tonight my car will be magically working right for another few weeks until something else happens.
But now it's time to sleep.
whoops guess I was supposed to sleep in bed. Keyboard not comfy on head.
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