November 29th, 2001


Got a garage, want free pizza?

Does anyone here in Metro Detroit have a garage that's empty and has tools to fix cars in it? I need to fix my brakes hardcore this weekend (friday evening and saturday evening is my weekend) and it looks like it's gonna be shitty out, and kneeling on parking lot pavement and using the screw and scissors style crank jack that comes with the car sucks ass to change brakes (so a hydraulic floor jack would be a plus here :-) ). I'd be willing to spring for pizza and beer/whatever you want to drink, if it's alcohol though, you'd have to buy, as I'm underage (I'd get something different for myself).
Anyone up for it? Reply or email me privately at :-) Thanks!
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I feel a great disturbance in the force...

As if a million voices cried out at once and were suddenly silenced...

noweb4u: I bet the internet's gonna be alot faster tomorrow
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: if @home dies like expected
noweb4u: yep

My condolences go out to all my friends with @home. Hopefully the @home system won't go dark tomorrow, but everyone I know thinks it will and is planning for it.
If anyone in michigan area needs a local dialup number and doesn't mind that I am not exactly paying for the account *cough* message me privately and I can hook you up (please don't ask for the account by commenting on this post. :-) )
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