October 23rd, 2001



Bored and not feeling all that great here at work today. Got my expense check, so that's a good thing, also managed to snag a hat with a company logo on it, that'll be cool... Anyway there's noone to talk to right now and I'm getting really bored :-)
Whoa - someone just turned on the hallway lighting on this floor. Maybe I won't be so bored after all ;-)
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http://www.geocities.com/boobooslunch/namegame.htm - hi squishybear! heh

I took the liberty of removing items I didn't agree with, since it chose to say some very mean things about me and my family :-P
From the Swahili root meaning "Complete Bastard"
noweb4u thinks they're God.

All the rest of the comments were deleted because A) I'm a complete bastard, and B) I'm god and can delete what I want to :-)
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Just an update. Freshmeat accepted my submission of my carmp3 project so now when people looking for open source programs for putting a computer in their car to play mp3s, it's easy to find. Woohoo! hehe
I'm thinking about getting it included in debian as well. Shouldn't be too hard :-)
Still waiting on my home automation equipment - it's still being shipped.
Blah. Got the rackmounts out of my car. I'll bet my gas mileage will now triple...
My fucking high-rise office management decided today would be a good day to practice building evacuation drills. Fucking 26 floors of stairs again. Argh. I'd say what I really feel I'd like to do to the people who run the towers but I'm afraid someone might take it the wrong way - let's leave it at that... Have a great day everyone it's bedtime for me!
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