Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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I walk to the kitchen in search of the green metal vessel that holds the key to my happiness.
Inside the beverage refrigerator I find it, hidden, on the bottom shelf. Ahh yes, this is it. I secure it and dash back to my desk.
I lower the lights a little lower.
I crack open the seal. *craaccckkk* *hiss* as the vapors from the cold liquid inside escape into the atmosphere.
I hold the vessel up to the light, and stare at its beautiful green color, and the words on the container. Yes, this is what I sought.
I cleanse my pallet with some movie theater butter popcorn.
I raise the vessel up to my mouth, and the beautiful green liquid rushes into my mouth. Cooling, refreshing. The flavor overcomes my being.
I lower the can, and slowly begin to swallow. I can feel the coolness rushing down my throat. It feels soothing to my parched throat.
I feel peaceful and enlightened.
I love Mountain Dew.

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