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Vonage referrals, SQL worm, sweatpants.

Today has rocked so far. I was woken up by a call from my boss. Our monitoring system had some fallout because of a customer's network failing due to the SQL worm. While waking up to that sucked, sorta, it was cool, because I'm important enough to get a call like that on a Saturday morning. Rock on.
Now I'm cruising around the apartment in sweats. It's been a while. I forgot how comfy these things are. :-)
I filled out the first review on a product on Amazon, I wonder if I'll get the $50 gift certificate they mention, that would be totally awesome.

I also got a Vonage referral today. Both I and the other person get a free month. Since my connection is unlimited, I get free unlimited long distance to the US for yet another month. If I can have this happen once a month, my phone line won't cost me anything, which will rock, because it's money I can spend on other things. :-)

I hope it keeps going like this. Shit, if it does this for a week like it's going today, I'll probably be president of the US or something like that by the end of the month. 8-)

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