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Having a good time hanging out with the family. Seen the James Bond movie tonight. It was the first one I've ever sat though. Not bad.

Anyway, I just learned my lesson about playing with my cellphone wireless web while on the potty. I was on's WAP site, and looking at the 8 mile soundtrack, and I put it in my shopping cart, or so I thought. I guess all the phone stuff is one click ordering, because it said "Your order has been processed and will be sent to your 1-click mailing address".
I'm like ahh well, he's a cool singer, I can support my piracy of his albums by paying for a few every once in a while. So I tried to see if I could change the shipping option. Nope, standard shipping. $2 something, again, no big deal.
I call amazon to verify that my 1-click address is correct, since I never use 1-click. It's not. It's sent to the old apartment. "Can I change it?" Nope. The order has entered the shipping process. Sometimes things are a little too speedy. Now I have an album I didn't mean to order, going somewhere I don't live. They said I can get a refund if the shipper bounces it back, but it's like ugh. I think I'm just gonna stop by on the expected delivery days and see if they leave it there on the doorstep.
Maybe I'll get lucky and they'll USPS it to me, and mail forwarding will take effect.
Even better, I find out the punk ass CSR lied to me. It wasn't currently being shipped. I had the privlege of logging on via circuit switched data (9600 baud forever, baby! w00t!) and updating my order and future preferences via a 9600bps wireless connection. How freakin special. Thanks,

Note to self. Stick to and mobile aim, punk.

I've been in pain all tonight. Dunno if I overate, or if it's because I kept leaning back during the movie, but it's coming through the painkillers every once in a while. Sucky. It's not unbearable though, so I'm cool. w00t!

I learned a few things tonight:
  • When I ask my dad if there's anything weird about his car I should know about before I drive it, note to self that he doesn't consider the brake light staying on all the time weird, nor does he consider the battery light occasionally flickering being weird either. If it doesn't fall apart while you're driving it, you didn't see nothin. It works okay.
  • Don't play with while on the potty. No good can come of this.
  • Trying to be flexible after an appendectomy is bad. No. Bad Paul.
  • Family is leet.

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