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Today was cool

Met up with a friend I didn't see in almost a year (Myself is his online name) and we hung out and went to level 3 and tinkered around with things. I scored the last thing from my way defunct company's rack - an Adtran DS3 CSU/DSU. According to Myself (did I mention he's a telco geek?) I can run a DS3 somewhere around 600 feet without repeaters, and if I enable internal clock source I should be able to run a DS3 through my apartment without a switch inbetween. That should be something fun and interesting to try :-)
We drove around a bit and he showed us a few phone switching centers (Southfield Main, Warren Main, a satellite office in Roseville, and a few others). It was cool. We swapped phone numbers so maybe we'll have more interesting times :-) (I have very few real life friends)
Anyway I am in the process of writing this badass site where you can type in an area code and prefix and learn all kinds of cool shit about it, that'll be fun.
I'm at work now.

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