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(12:54:27) xxxxxxxx: saturday i travel to france
(12:54:34) noweb4u2: have lots of fun there
(12:54:35) noweb4u2: heh
(12:55:03) xxxxxxxx: it does step on the thanksgiving weekend
(12:55:04) noweb4u2: my french teacher said they eat snails there. Watch out dude.
(12:55:19) noweb4u2: god knows what else they're up to with that whole "we eat snails" thing
(12:55:48) noweb4u2: yea, I'm doing the whole "I'm going to my parents for like 5 days" thing.
(12:55:54) xxxxxxxx: if you cover them up with butter and garlic they aren't bad
(12:55:58) noweb4u2: gross
(12:56:20) noweb4u2: is is some kind of weird macho thing over there to see who can eat the grossest food?
(12:56:28) xxxxxxxx: yeah
(12:56:38) noweb4u2: I mean with names like bruno, you gotta think it's about machoness overthere
(12:57:05) noweb4u2: "hey, bruno, gonna eat that snail?" "I'll arm wresle ya for it"
(12:58:11) xxxxxxxx: maybe even a sword fight
(12:58:20) noweb4u2: yea, for real...
(12:58:34) noweb4u2: prolly why they capitalize their last name too
(12:58:46) xxxxxxxx: YEAH

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