Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
Paul Timmins

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whoa, wtf?

heh yesterday I had a family thing in Grand Rapids, it was cool. I met my uncle's g/f - she's a sex-crazed maniac just like he is (also like me and my g/f are heh) - I think they'll get together quite well.
Also, on the way to Level(3) last night in search of mad bandwidth to download debian woody with my friend adam, we were rear ended at a fairly moderate speed, I'd say around 20-30 mph at a red light at Square Lake and Telegraph in adam's car. I was getting out to check to see how the other guy was, and I seen him pull up on our side, and then suddenly run the red light and take off. I called 911 while a witness chased the car. We got a license plate number, a description, and the witness followed him to a parking lot a block away where the guy ditched his car (which was probably pretty fucked) and took off on foot. When I called 911 it was around 1:30am - I actually got a message saying "Thank you for calling oakland county sherriff 911, all of our operators are currently busy, please hold for the next available operator". WTF? ...

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