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So I did it. I got the Nextel i88s I've been lusting after. It's basically the i55s (not sr, they don't have a ruggedized version yet) with GPS functionality. I'm not yet aware of whether it exposes a GPS API to J2ME, but I'm sure it will eventually if it doesn't already. Either way it exposes location data to 911, so it's cool.
I was playing with the numbers, and I found it was cheaper overall to add the phone to my account as a new activation (Taking the $200 bitchslap for not having my account open for more than 6 months, but it's a deposit, and I get it all back next summer, so oh well) rather than trade in my current i700plus (with accessories and options and the cost of the phone, its actual worth is about $120 street value, they were only going to give me $100 off, which still wasn't as cheap as the initial activation) I put a cheap service on it, and put it on hold (becky is actually going to make a try at selling crafts to cover the $30/mo plan I put on there) and just carry it as a second phone on the account.
Either way, it ends up costing me less ($40, which I spent on various accessories) in the long run, and I come out with a cooler phone. is a url for a photo of the phone.

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