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dnetc v2.8015-469-CTR-01051421 for Linux (Linux 2.4.18-686-smp).
Using email address ( ID) ''

[Sep 26 17:33:33 UTC] Automatic processor detection found 2 processors.
[Sep 26 17:33:33 UTC] Loading crunchers with work...
[Sep 26 17:33:34 UTC] The keyserver says: RC5 is closed.
[Sep 26 17:33:34 UTC] Unable to load any work. Quitting...
[Sep 26 17:33:34 UTC] *Break* Shutting down...
[Sep 26 17:33:34 UTC] Shutdown complete.

Feels weird after spending 3 years running to actually see that.

Now who feels like competing at RC5-72 when it comes out? :-)

Anyway, I just renewed my account. Wow. I forgot how fast this site actually goes when you pay for the privlege.

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