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Well, things were a bit better today. I got my work to let me take the trip to Holland, MI instead of someone else to install a data collection machine at one of our customer's datacenters. Since my family lives but 20 miles north, basically that means I get to expense a trip to see my family that I was going to take anyway, but I get to take a work day to do it! Man I feel like such a slick player, but I should admit they all knew I had family in the area. As I said to my colleague who's place I took, "Looks like we both get to spend this weekend with our families" (He's married with 2 kids)

Anyway, other than that, I got to run out of my office building just in time to close the car windows before it rained (working on the 26th floor is a mixed blessing - I could see the storm coming), but on the bad side my paycheck is being delayed by the grounding of US flights. Guess next day air gets downgraded to ground when there's no planes, not surprisingly. Kinda sucks having payroll in the main office in Santa Barbara :-(

But I shouldn't bitch, I guess I am on the winning side of this disaster, if there is such a thing - I'm still alive and well, and so is my family.

Finally a weekend to wind down and relax. I'm considering turning off my pager and cell phone this weekend but the servers know when I do that and start having problems... :-( Oh well, it will be a good weekend despite my dwindling funds, because I get to spend it with family and friends. It sure could be worse. This will likely be my last post until Sunday night or Monday. Have a good weekend everyone!

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