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Yay, I get to go to court today!

The only people I talked to in the last few days that found my arguments to not have legal merit was the accounting department of "the old complex".

As the lawyer I talked with yesterday said "I'd call them and try and work it out. I wouldn't be able to live without a shower either. I'm sure they'll understand your situation and work out something."

I've been reminded by attorneys (god, I wish I could ever have a chance in hell of affording one) that I could have had it fixed by a professional and deducted from my rent, but then I ask "What do you do when it happens this consistently? I can't do that forever!"

Who knows. Maybe I'll make court precedent today.
Maybe I'll make an ass of myself.

Either way, I'm fucked if I don't try.

God, I wish I didn't have to do this, but I do. So God, please let me win.

If I lose, I get 10 days to get the fuck out and surrender the keys, or pay the $511. Since I don't have $511, I guess I have to surrender the keys. If I can dig up $511+$450 in money order form, I can do a buyout on the lease and save myself a whole lot of trouble.
Unfortunately, I can barely afford my car insurance this month, let alone $511+(court costs, $75), so I guess I have to do this the hard way. Ugh.

Prayers, lawyers, and large duffel bags of unmarked cash would make my day right about now. I could use all 3, of course.

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