Paul Timmins (noweb4u) wrote,
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That was the most insane high speed chase of my life.
thegreatdoogie, you were right. this fucker handles insanely well. Damn.
I was taking corners at a minimum of 35mph, and at the end, I lost them by blowing between a set of planters and driving on the sidewalk.
The last turn was at around 25 onto a sidewalk. there were two huge cement planters on both sides, about 6 feet off the road, and they were about 10 feet apart. I somehow managed to swerve around the corner, and blow through those things without touching either of them. Either would have totalled the car. (it's of note that the police later went through these, at a much lower (5mph) speed, and nearly hit them.)

I still have an adrenaline rush, culminated by watching the cops pull their guns and yell "Get down on the ground now, keep your hands where we can see them, throw the keys out the window, and get out of the car!" to our antagonists. :-)

It was like a real life COPS. w00t!

Mad props to fflewddur for his mad driving skills (for being so short, he really can handle his car. w00t1), and zer0 for his mad copiloting-and-calling-911 skills. w00t!

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